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Bulk triggers in recurring event

In the apex language reference manual i read this:

"Note: A trigger invoked by an insert, delete or update, of a recurring event results in a runtime error when
the trigger is called in bulk from the Force.com API."

I need to do a mass update in Events and any of this events can be recurring and I have a trigger asociate to Event, what should I change or control to avoid this runtine error?

Thanks for All
Can you provide us with the code?

trigger Event_BU on Event (before update) {
 String sNombreCuenta ='something';
 String sCodProyecto = 'something';
 String sNumIncidencia = 'something';

 for(Event e : Trigger.new) {
  e.Cod_Proyecto_Nav__c = sCodProyecto;
  e.Num_Incidencia__c = sNumIncidencia;
  e.Nombre_Cuenta__c = sNombreCuenta;  

The trigger is something like this, and then we  will do mass update Events with a toll called rj4salesforce.

Thank for replay so fast.
I am hitting the same problem when I sync Google Calendars using Appirio - did you come up with a solution by any chance?

I'm hitting the same problem too. I have an insert trigger on Event that sets values on a few custom fields. When I do a bulk update of Events (which technically shouldn't even cause the trigger to run, since it's a "before insert" trigger), I get the error "Apex Event trigger cannot handle batch operations on recurring events."


Is there any update (no pun intended...) on this problem?

Did anyone get soultion for this? even i'm also facing the same error("Apex Event trigger cannot handle batch operations on recurring events") when i'm trying to do mass update on the events. Trigger is getting fails with the above mentioned Error. Any Suggestion is appreciated!!!

How did Kalai_r post get marked as the accepted solution.


I'm having the same problem were I have a new trigger on the Events that updates a custom field.  So now I need a way to update all the existing records. 


With other objects (including tasks) I could do a "mass update" on a junk field, which would fire the trigger and cause all the records to update.


Any help on how to overcome this would be greatly appreciated.

Another vote for a solution to this, one of my triggers suffers from this problem.

I had similar problem when doing mass update of tasks via DataLoader.


The solution I found was to change batch size to 1 in DL settings. The update was quite long but successfull.





Same situation here :-( ... a mere existence of a trigger even a before insert trigger throws this error on bulk update of events ... any of the salesforce guys plz comment if this is ever going to be fixed or not ?


I am also getting the same error for event trigger. Is there any way to avoid this error?

Am getting the same error for my event trigger. Is anybody found the solution for this recurring event issue? Please guide me if anybody found the solution for this problem. Am using batch class for mass update to events. Thanks.