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Apex Classes - Eclipse

Hi there,

I use Eclipse 3.3.2 for my Salesforce projects. I have to make some enhancements i my already deployed project. This project is about ideas management, where voting is a key feature of it.


My issue is that: I want to sort the ideas in terms of number of votes for each idea rather than alphapetical order of idea titles. I tried to resolve it by getting into class which it is calling and then changed the ApexClass code to "Order by VoteTotal" from "Order by title" and saved it to server, but to my wonder I couldnot see any changes on my webpage.


My questions are: (i) Are the changes/procedure which I performed are coorect?

(ii) is there any other thing which I missed /we should follow inorder to deploy the changes to server, everytime when we make them to Apex classes?   


Please reply me....