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Rolling up "Closed" Revenue for this Year



I'm trying to create a roll-up summary field on the Account that rolls up all Closed/Won Opportunities, but only for this Year.


What I've done is create a formula on the Opportunity called "This Year?" that simply returns a 1 or a 0 if the Close Date is for this year.


IF((YEAR(CloseDate)=YEAR(TODAY())), 1, 0)


The formula works just fine.


However, when I create a Roll-up field at the Account Level, and try to filter on the "This Year?" field, it doesn't allow me to choose it as an option, why would that be?




Yeah, you've hit the pothole in RS fields (they don't play nice with Formula Fields or Advanced Date filters).  You have to use an explicit filer like: CloseDate greate or equal to 01/01/2012 and then update it manually next year.