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van goghvan gogh 

Is it possible to add a custom formula field where the return type is True/False?

When I create a formula field, the only return types available to me are Currency, Date, Date/Time, Number, Percent, & Text.


Why no True/False (checkbox) type? (Or for that matter, why no email, phone, or URL types?)


I've been creating number fields with values of 1 or 0, but that is far from ideal, especially, because they display on reports as "1.00" or "0.00".


Is there a better workaround?


The 1,0 number field solution is the best work-around I've found.  Definitely agree it's not ideal.  There are a lot of people who agree:  https://sites.secure.force.com/success/ideaView?id=08730000000BrHIAA0


formula field is a read only field, we cant give any input manually....

tats why it is not having a boolean return type...





You could throw the original formula field into the background and create a new formula text field to convert to the values you need. Then use the new field on your reports.