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How to use ParentGroupval inside the report????

Hi All,

I need an urgent support on ParentgroupVal Function used in Reports (custom summary formula). I am expliaining the scenario below :


1) There are 3 columns in th report. - a, b, c showing individual numerical values ; Column d = Sum of column (a+ b) ; Column e= sum of column (a+b+c)

2) All these information is grouped Account wise (showing the sum under each grouping in column d & e)

3) Now we want to calculate the % Value for each of the values in column d & e out of the total value under each group.


Can we attain the objective using the Parent Group Val function in the Report (Custom Summary Formula). Please share the entire details of the formula to be created using ParentGroup Val functionality.


Below is my scenario:

So any one please suggest me how to show the value inside  % of formula1 by creating a formula with the help of parentgroupval.



AccountName(GroupBy this field)Amount2Amount3Formula1
% of formula1
Abc101525(25/40)*100 % i.e. 62.5
 10515(15/40)*100% i.e. 37.5