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Update custom object name on save

Hi there,


I've a custom address object that I presently save with the auto-number thingy. I use it in a junction object to a custom person object but when I try to create a new junction between a person and an address I want to be able to either search on something like postcode or view objects in regards to a single line field taht my address object contains.


I try to do a search on address but I guess that the functionality doesn't work (though I see suggestions that it should be implemented).


So I'm trying to create a Workflow Rule that will update the name of the object to a single line address field that I create using a formula when the address is saved. I think that I'm doing this wrong though - can anyone point me to the resources so taht I can figure this out for myself please?





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My Bad, had done everything that I'd needed to do, just hadn't clicked Activate ;-)


Thanks for your time anyway ;-)