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Validation Rule : Make a Custom field conditionally required on the value of PICKLIST

I need to upload an image based on the values selected by picklist....


for example : if the picklist selects Disc_Image then an image should be uploaded in the specified custom field say - Upload_image and if the pickilst selects Sample_image then also the image should be uploaded to the same field Upload_Image.

Upload_Image field is a custom field (RICH TEXT AREA)


That is, on select of a picklist value image upload to the field Upload_Image is mandatory.



I'm fixed up with this.... if anyone could help me with this,it would be of great help !!

Steve :-/Steve :-/
TEXT(PicklistField) = "Uploaded Image",
LEN(RichTextField) = 0)



I have done similar thing, but I didn't understand when you say upload. SalesForce doesn't support image type field, so you can't upload image into any field. If you meant display different images based on the value of picklist, there is a way to do this through use of Static Resources and Formula Field.


Upload the images into static resources and create a formula field which will return URL of the image based on the value selected in the picklist. The image will be displayed in page layout and while reporting on the object. It can further be used in VisualForce as well.