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Custom Formula That Determines If A Text Field Contain An Apostrophe

How could a custom formula be written to return true if a text field contains an apostrophe?


The formula CONTAINS(Title, """) returns this error, Error: Syntax error. Missing ".


Any way around this?




Hard to see your formula since it automatically put in a smiley face. Better to include formulas and code by using the paste code function here.


Anyway, have you tried this?



CONTAINS(Title, "'")




Yes but that only returns if they have the ' character, I guess I meant to say quotation mark " not Apostrophe '.

You can surround the quote with apostrophes, and it will do what you want!


CONTAINS(Title, '"')

You may want to edit the title of this thread so that it is more accurate in case others are searching for this in the future.

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