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Hi I need to create a formula field to calculate amount to be paid based on month, and amount text field, from month picklist (any month i can select, amount need to be calculate from selected month till next year of march) based on both field, fees to be paid field needs to be filled.

3 fields


joining month---picklist

Fees to be paid---- text

all 3 fields,belongs to same object.

Please help me to write a formula for this.







You can use the CASE function to know the selected month in number refer the below example as reference:















Can you explain in detail with an example so that I can create a formula.


Hi I need to calculate fees amount for admission. I have given month in Pick list Fee per year Number datatype and need a formula field to calculate fees to be paid (Admission month is from June and September) so if the child joins in suppose june then fees need to be calculated from june and if he joins from September then fees need to be calculated from september.

Your explaination is really hard to follow, it would be a lot better if you could pos an example with the actual caluculation you're trying to perform in your formula, like this:


MonthlyFee * 
(13 - 
"Jan", 1,
"Feb", 2,
"Mar", 3,
"Apr", 4,
"May", 5,
"Jun", 6,
"Jul", 7,
"Aug", 8,
"Sep", 9,
"Oct", 10,
"Nov", 11,
"Dec", 12,



Do you still need help with this or are you all set?