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Zach ZZach Z 

Time Until First Contact Formula

I'm new to creating formulas in SalesForce and having trouble with this.  I'd like to start by saying I keep reading about creating formulas through the advanced formula tab, and I don't know where this is which may be my problem.  The only place I know to add a formula is from customizing a report and using the "add formula" option.


That said, in my report I just need to subtract two custom fields, which I believe should be, "Call_Date_Time__c - Date_Assigned__c" but I get an error, "Error: Invalid custom summary formula definition: Field Call_Date_Time__c does not exist."  I found the field name directly from activity custom fields.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Zach ZZach Z

I've found the advanced formula tab and ran into new errors.  Is there a way to add a field from Leads into my custom formula in Activities?  Also, when trying to subtract "Call_Date_Time__c  -  CreatedDate" it has to be in number format when both fields are Date/Time.  How do I keep the Date/Time format?  I thought it might be DATEVALUE, but get an incorrect argument type error.


"Error: Invalid custom summary formula definition: Field Call_Date_Time__c does not exist." ------This means the object on which you're trying to put the formula field ,NO FIELD with Call_Date_Time__c actually exists .

SO double or triple check the field name using this navigation :

Your Name >Setup >App Setup >Create>Objects .There Click on object from list and you can view all fields .


In case of Standard objects Your Name >Setup >App Setup >Create>Customize and then fields .


If 2 Date fields are subtracted it should return an integer .

But two Date/Time field subtraction won't return a Integer .


And Datevalue is another thing I dont see any use of it in your problem .




First are both fields in the same object?


If so, try:  DATEVALUE(Call_Date_Time__c) - DATEVALUE(Date_Assigned__c)