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Validation rule if check box & picklist value are true

I'm working on a validation rule that when a checkbox is checked and a picklist is on a certain value, an error message is generated.  


Basically when the Send Updated GO Contract is checked and the Offer stage picklist is set to 1. Awaiting Client Approval - I need to generate an error message . . .   Not sure how to write the formula field to correctly evaluate the picklist value. Any help is appreciated.


AND (Send_Updated_GO_contract__c = TRUE,
ISPICKVAL(CONTAINS (TEXT(Offer_Stage__c ),"1 - Awaiting Client Approval")))


In case it's useful - I also tried AND (Send_Updated_GO_contract__c = TRUE, ISPICKVAL( Offer_Stage__c, "1 - Awaiting Client Approval"))


And this did not help me generate an error message and block the save. . . .

    ISPICKVAL(Offer_Stage__c,"1 - Awaiting Client Approva'")


This is the correct validation rule assuming "1 - Awaiting Client Approval" is the picklist value. Are there supposed to be spaces between the 1 and hyphen and hyphen and Awaiting? If the value between the quotes is not verbatim, you wont receive a syntax error and the rule wont fire because they dont match exactly.

Jana OrensteinJana Orenstein
Hey - I am facing a similar issue. Any insights into how to resolve?