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formula field with nested If to get multi-pick list values -just getting one ??

I have child object to leads called lead details.(leadco).  Working with PE edition with API enabled.

There is a multiple pick list field with multiple choices selected on the child object Leadco.

In order to be able to merge information from this pick list into Email template ( mass email from leads tab) - I need to get the pick list values over to the lead object using a formula

I have a working  formula that will bring over one pick list value -- but I need to bring over all pick list values to a formula field on leads for the email merge to work..  How do I get more than one pick list value to come over to this leads field ?

If(INCLUDES( LeadCo__r.Per_Position__c ,"JAVA"),"JAVA ",
IF(INCLUDES( LeadCo__r.Per_Position__c ,".Net"),".Net ", NULL))

both .net and java are picked in the multi-pick list - but I only get "java" in my formula field on leads??

Have tried various AND and OR but keep getting syntax errors


I have about 35 values in the multi-pick list - any or mulitple can be selected and I would want to have the formula on the leads field bring each one over to the formula field in leads.


thanks in advance for assistance

Steve MolisSteve Molis

It's gonna be a real PITA to do with nested IF's, you might be btter off using a series of Closed IF's and + operators. 


INCLUDES( LeadCo__r.Per_Position__c ,"JAVA"),
INCLUDES( LeadCo__r.Per_Position__c ,".Net")),"JAVA; .Net ",
IF(INCLUDES( LeadCo__r.Per_Position__c ,"JAVA"), "JAVA", 
IF(INCLUDES( LeadCo__r.Per_Position__c ,".Net"),".Net", NULL))) 


IF(INCLUDES( LeadCo__r.Per_Position__c ,"JAVA", "JAVA"+"; ", NULL)+ 
IF(INCLUDES( LeadCo__r.Per_Position__c ,".Net"),".Net", NULL)


Julio DavilaJulio Davila
Excellent, even though it requires a lot of work, this approach was really helpful