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Assignment Rules or Apex Trigger/Classes on Escalation Proceedures

Hello! I'm new to Salesforce Administration and have had success with using APEX Triggers and Classes.


Issue: After escalating (changing Status and Owner using assignment rules), I auto-populate a custom field, "Escalated By". This works great. I would like to be able to escalate back to the person who is populated in the "Escalated By" field automatically when changing the status back to Tier-1 (from Engineering status).


Question 1: Is there a way using Assignment Rules to do:

 If "Escalated By" <> NULL THEN (Step3) Assign to Escalated_By__c (my custom field).


Question 2 (if Question 1 is no): Is APEX the only way to go?

Erica KuhlErica Kuhl
I think you may get a quicker answer for this on the Developer disucssion boards.  I am going to move your post to their boards.  I hope this helps!