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Regarding Apex WSDL

Hello Integration Gurus,

I have a question regarding Apex Wsdl.

I have previously used the enterprise WSDL for integration and i know how it works. But I am not sure of how the Apex WSDL works.

I tried reading the docs and forums, but could'nt get anything substantial:(

Can someone give a use-case of when to use Apex WSDL and how?

Many Thanks,




You will find documentation on this API under Apex documentation - http://www.salesforce.com/us/developer/docs/apexcode/index_CSH.htm#apex_api.htm.



Well, i would'nt have posted, if i had got my answer from the docs;)

Nothing concrete I could get from this as well:(

Any other ideas? I basically wanna know, what is Apex WSDL and how is it different from the Enterprise WSDL!


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Does no1 has any idea about this?