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How to use Custom setting in a workflow rule to map values of two fields on an object

How to use workflow rule to map values of two fields in an object using a custom setting


I have two fields in opportunity object. I need to update field1, using a workflow, when field2 is assigned a value.


the maping of the values are stored in Custome setting "Map" as below.


CRY   |     CTI


US      |   New york

US      |   Denver

US      |   Washington

US      |   California

UK      |   London

UK      |   Cambrige

UK      |   Manchester


Example : If i select "London" in field2, UK should come in field1.


How to write a worlklow for this.






Shannon HaleShannon Hale

If your Map custom settings is a List type custom setting, then you cannot use it in a workflow rule. Only Hierarchy custom settings are available in formulas.