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Please Need Sollution for this formulae Calculateion?

In Contact  i  have  a  Field   "MTD Sales".  this  Field  is  Rollup SUM  to  another Object  "Policy" Field . and  this  Policy Field Name is  "Sales".


and  this  Policy  Field  "Sales" is  Rollup SUM  to  other object Transaction, the  Field  name  is  "Amount."


is this  clear? if any querries ask me about this question for better understand.


So  simple  in  Transaction  Field we have "Amount"  field, so  we enter  amount. 

in  policy  object  "Sales" Field  has Rollup  on  this  "Amount".

In  Contact  "MTD  Sales"  Calculated  from  "Sales" which is  Rollup  on  Policy obj .


                                         Roll UP  (SUM)                                          Roll UP  (SUM)

MTD  Sales (Contact) -------------------------------------->     Sales (Policy)   -------------------------------------->Amount (Transaction)



So  in  Policy  Object  "Sales"  field 



                                      (Field)                  (Opertaot)            (Value)

Field  Criteria  is          CurrentMonth              Equals                  Y



This  "Y"  value  is  coming  in  flat  files we  upload  data  through dataloader  and  "Currnt month"  field  is  Transactions Obj Field. 


so  now the  problem  is the  current  month  calculation  is  Wrong caluculating.  it  was  Calculating  Last  30 Calender  days  instead of  calculating Current  month.  please  give  me  sollution  can i  write  any  formulae  or  workflow  for  this ?  if  so  provide  sollution  also.


i  want  to  give  some  more information. i  have  a  filed   "Month  Calculation" on  Transaction obj.  This  is  Formulae  field. and  the  formulae   written in  this  is..


IF (
(Month(TODAY()) = (Month (Transaction_Date__c))), "Y", "N")


By using  this  Field can  we  write  any  workflow  to  Calculate  Current  month  Calculations? how  to  trigger  this.



From what I manipulated is you require a formula which returns YES when it is the current month or No if it is not in the Transaction Object. You have created your Rollup Summary Hierarchy and the Sales Object one depend on the Transaction DateField which you compare with the Current Date.

Follow these steps :

1. Create a Workflow in which all records enter.

2. Create a Field Alert over the "CurrentMonth" Text Box using  TransactionDate Field [I am taking it as a  "DateField"]. And write the following formulae

IF( ((MONTH(gautamsingh__DateField__c) == MONTH( TODAY() )) && (YEAR(gautamsingh__DateField__c) == YEAR( TODAY() ) )) , "Yes", "No")

I have utilized 2 fields
1. DateField which contains the Date which I will compare with the Today's Date.
2. I have a text field called "CurrentDate" which have value Yes or No Depending upon the formula in the workflow.

Let me know of it worked ?? or you are facing any issues ?
Also , Do compare it with Year also as there may be a chance that a person enter 19-08-2013 or 19-08-2014.

Important :

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Thank You


No  still it  was not  worked...it  shows  last 30 calender  days  total instead of  current  month

Please explain. I didnt get this part of the query. I guess you are asking to change the calendar view ? Is it ?