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Time Dependent Workflow?

I have recently created a new public calendar labeled 'Forecare Interviews'.  The business is requesting that an email alert be sent to the email address

anvesh@gmail.com 15 minutes before the start time of any meeting. i need  help to create a workflow rule  and added a time dependent action to the rule (it appears we can only do whole hours). 


i  am  working  in  enterprise  edition  but  in  that  "Email Alert "  action  is  not  visibled  y?

Arun MKArun MK



When using task as the object to which the workflow rule applies, email alert will not be an immediate and/or time-dependent actions to the workflow rule.


A work around could be to use to a schedulable batch apex.




work around: make another field to keep the time of 15 mins before meeting start time, send email alert on this new fields' time.....

but I don't think time dependent workflow will send email on very accurate time especially if too many tasks schedule.

you might sync sf calendar with google calendar and set a reminder to pop up 15 min before start time,
there are some apps on appexchange