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Formula Syntax errors with HYPERLINK()

I've had three exchanges with support and still no resolution, so I'm trying here.  I'm trying to construct a dynamic URL using field contents.  I either get an error such as "Found "Website__c"" or "Missing ")"" if I try other constructs.  


HYPERLINK("http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/comparisons?site=" &Website__c"&comparisons[0]="&competitor1__r.website__c"&comparisons[1]="&competitor2__r.website__c"&comparisons[2]="&competitor3__r.website__c"&comparisons[3]="&competitor4__r.Website__c" , "SEO Competitor Comparison")


Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?


thank you!


What is the error you are getting with this construct? Have you tried encoding your url parameters, using URLENCODE()?

URLENCODE is new to me, I'll research it and see if that helps. The error
that I get is Syntax Error, Missing ')'. I fully expect this to be my
error, but it seems as though the formula works when I simplify it (and
shorten it) and I get the error when the formula gets more complex and
longer. Is it possible that there is a character limit? I suspect the
URLENCODE() will fix all this anyway, though.

THANK YOU for the response! This group rocks.

It looks like you're also missing some "&"s when concatenating strings. For example, where your formula says 




you need a "& after Website__c in order to concatenate Website__c with "&comparisons[0]=". So this part should read




I see this error in all of the instances where you are concatenating a field value with raw text.