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API request , response for EchoSign - how does it work?

Hi All,

I am trying to write a code to create a personalized Widget of EchoSign.

This is my first time working with API in Salesforce and i wonder how does the creation of a request and getting a response back works?


I have generated the wsdl using wsdl2apex by pressing the generate wsdl on salesforce.

I have recieved all the API classes and worked with them.

now when i try to run the code using my VisualForce page, on the debug log  i get for example the following:


CALLOUT_REQUEST|[515,13]|apiEchosign.createPersonalEmbeddedWidget_element request_x::SFDC_STACK_DEPTH=1 SOAPAction="" User-Agent=SFDC-Callout/19.0 Accept=text/xml Content-Type=text/xml; charset=UTF-8 


does anyone can help me understand what exactly does it mean?

i am not getting a response right?


Does sfdc suppose to do it alone just by me calling the functions from the API classes or am I supposed to set a connection? and if so than how?



thank you,





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I am also having Same problem. If you have done this tell me solution. Thanks Radhika.Y