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Spring Release 10 Quote Standard Object Metadata API Access

It appears the Spring Release 10 Quote Standard Object is not exposed via the Salesforce Metadata API in sandbox or developer Salesforce instances. I cannot view the Quote object in the Force.com Eclipse plugin schema browser. I am experiencing this issue in both a sandbox or developer Salesforce instance. The Quote Standard Object is accessible and exposed via the Salesforce UI interface in both Salesforce instances. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

I have the same issue, not with only Eclipse, but with APEX Explorer too.  My Data Loader sees the object, but not all of the fields, though.  I was told you have to change the endpoint version to 18 on Explorer, and wait for a new version of Eclipse.  Still looking into though.

I am particularly frustrated by this.


I can add line items to the quote using the APEX dataloader manually, but am trying to use the .NET API to add quote line items from another system.


However, the .NET API does not have the quote object available at all!


I can, however, add Opportunity Products to a quote--and then synch them.   I can get the items in there, but I have some custom fields in my quote that I cannot access via the API.


The only way I can figure out how to get around it is teo send commands to the APEX dataloader manually (which is updated for the Winter 2010 release)


Am now trying a workaround to use the APEX dataloader via a command line interface.



Any suggestions?


Will the .NET API ever be fixed to include the quote object? 



Did you change the .host property to 18?  The endpoint needs to be at version 18.

Having the same problem here where the Quote object is not accessible via the API.


Additionally, there is a problem with the Apex Explorer (8.0) when setting the endpoint to version 17 or 18. I get the following error:


Unexpected error calling describe: Collection cannot be null. Parameter name: c


I'm pretty positive that this error is due to the changes Salesforce made in the API version 17.0 that were not backwards compatible (changed the members of the describe global/sobjects call).


Has anyone found out what to change the endpoint to in Apex Explorer?  I am also trying to access the Quotes/QuoteLineItems objects through the Explorer and cannot.


My endpoint is https://xxx.salesforce.com/services/Soap/u/8.0.  How do you change that to point to version 18?  Please help!  Thanks!




Unfortunately, I don't think you can get to those objects using Explorer.  I had  no luck!  I ended up using the latest Eclipse and Force.com IDE to at least "explore" the data structures for quotes and quote lines.  You need to be able to use version 18 of the api of higher to hit those 2 objects.


Now, to your question, in apex explorer, you use the tools>options  then change the 8 to a 16.  16 is the latest api version I can get to work right on apex explorer.  Anything higher and I get the same exact error message that was reported somewhere in this thread.


Additionally, you can see the quote objects in the WSDL. Login to Salesforce and go to Setup - Develop - API - Generate Enterprise WSDL.