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How can I calculate the average of a grouping in a report?

If there are three groups in a summary report (i.e. data grouped by Call Owner, where Call is a custom object) and there are 3 Call Owners in our org. Owner A has 3 calls, owner B 4 and owner C 5. The total Calls are 12 (=3+4+5). 

The average of the calls for A is 3/12, for B 4/12 and for C it is 5/12. How can I show these results in a report?

I have created a formula field on Call, where the field "# for counting" is a Formula field, with 0 decimal places and the value "=1". I hope this can be used ...but I do not know what to do next.

Please help!




If the Call object is on the detail side of Account for ex.,

you can create a roll up on the parent object to sum the "to count" fields ex."calls",

and you can use the following custom summary formula in the report (format: Percent):


Hi agi,


thanks or your reply, but Call is not the detail object in a Master - Detail relationship.