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Google Calendar API : How to update multiple G-Cal-Events

*G-Cal-Event =  Google Calender Event 


Hi Folks,I am trying to create Google Calander Events from Apex and got success tooNow i have to retrieve some Events from Google Calender (on the basis of the Event Subject/EventId).

Here i need to search multiple events .but as per wiki seems full  text search supports only one search string at a time 

What if i have to search events with name as Event1  or event 2

How can i club these two in single search query. 

Need search to work for multiple stringsI also want to update some events for that there is a

method to update Google Calender EventThis method can update only one

Event not multiple Please guide if anyone knows how to bulk update.


Both of the Queries are super important to me.Please help..



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