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Apex Test Runner with Eclipse IDE 20.0

I just downloaded the newest version of the Eclipse IDE (20.0) today. One immediate problem I'm noticing is that when I'm using the Apex Test Runner, I no longer get any debug logs. If I have the System Log window open, I also do not get any log output there either. Has anyone else experienced this? It's making debugging much more difficult.

Manos SpanoudakisManos Spanoudakis

I have the same issue ! Any ideas ??


All I can do now is to run the tests from within Salesforce rather than Eclipse in order to see the logs. I hope this isn't a permanent solution!


This is  a bug with IDE winter 20.0 . The bug fix has been submitted and making its way through. Expect a gud news soon :smileyhappy:


I just ran the update and this didn't seem to resolve this issue. Should it have?



I  upgraded to Eclipse Helios version and it worked on both Windows and Mac.


I believe its woking from 20.1 update. Let us know if you are still seeing it.


Simply running the update on my existing installation didn't work. I ended up running the installer again (FYI I'm on Mac OSX 10.5.8) and installed a second profile, pointed that to my old workspace, upgraded to 20.0.1, and that seemed to work.