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Salesforce to Salesforce custom searches



Looking for some pointers/advice here really. I have a requirement for Salesforce to Salesforce object sharing, with some additional features. It's probably best explained by a worked example.


Org A is sharing account objects with Org B.

Someone on org B does a search and pulling up matching result across both Orgs, however if the Org B ID is set against the Org A record we don't want the Org A result displayed.

When the user clicks into objects on the result list they are to have the option of Cloning an Org A record into their Org.

And when this cloning happens to write back the newly created Org B ID against the Org A record ( so it won't feature in future search result lists).

This strikes me as going well beyond the standard Salesforce to Salesforce functionality. And I'm suspecting I'm looking at developing the solution through a combination of Apex code and some Visualforce. What is the best approach here, and does Apex allow (hopefully easily) querying records and then writing back to them across Orgs?

Any other advice you can offer is greatly appreciated.


Many thanks.