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Batch Apex issue!

Batch Apex looks like programmes heaven.

But I can not find information about limitations in list size in batch apex.

Generally I it clear how batch apex allows programer access more records than in "Normal Apex".

But what are the limitations in number of script lines , SQL query (a query in the execute function code)

,  collections limits ,  heap limits ect.


Thank you in ahead!


Salesforce recently relaxed the limitations on List size, so you shouldn't have to worry about that.


Each execution of the Batch Apex class's execute() method is subject to pretty much the same governor limits as any other transaction, with only one exception (noted below).For details on what those limits are, see the Apex Language Reference page 185, the table listing Governor Limits.


The exception: in any other transaction, you can make up to 10 callouts to external web services, but in a Batch Apex execute() method, you can only make one callout.




Thank you!