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Debug log problems


I'm having a weird issue with the Debug log. I set all the filters to NONE except Database, which I set to FINEST. When I look at the log, on top it says:
which means that the filters were set correctly. However, the log quickly fills up with statements like these:
CODE_UNIT_STARTED|[EXTERNAL]|BasicSearchComponentController set(searchManager,CandidateSearchController:[css=null,…….. HUGE AMOUNT OF DATA HERE
The "HUGE AMOUNT OF DATA HERE" lines have what looks to me like a serialized version of my component controller, with all its instance variables, etc. Now, I am not printing out my controller to the debug log, and even if I was, it would show up under USER_DEBUG. The problem here is that every filter is set to NONE, except Database, so I'm really stumped here.
Any help would be appreciated.



Debug log filters have never worked correctly.Not much you can do about it. Open a case and complain if you can.