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Internal Knowledge Base / SOSL Question



I'm in charge of trying to put together an Internal Knowledge Base using Solutions.  (And using Knowledge is out of the question due to it costing $50/User/Month for a single piece of functionality).  So I have to find some way to work around the fact that one can't assign security restrictions to categories of Solutions, so only certain profiles have access to certain categories. 


One way I thought of doing this is to grab the relevant Category names themselves depending on the UserInfo.getProfileId() when the apex class is called, and then doing the search off of them. 


So can WITH DATA CATEGORY also be used for Solutions? 


Or, if anyone else has any other ideas to help solve this problem?


Has anyone else tried to do something like this?  Any advice whatsoever




Unfortunately, WITH DATA CATEGORY is only supported on Knowledge and Data Category object.


datacategory covers SF Answers too


Hey Gobbledigook - what did you end up doing here? I am trying to figure out the best solution for internal FAQ.


With Knowledgebase, Answers, Chatter Answers, Solutions, Content Libraries... there are just so many different routes to go. I really don't want to just create a google site that they would access with their google apps login. I want everything to stay in sf. 


Kind of frustrating. Just want to build out a comprehensive place for our employees/salesforce users to get the things they need (if they already exist), ask for them (if they don't), and have other people upvote and comment on whatever they are asking or needing...


If anyone else has advice on the best way to do this - I'd really appreciate your input!


Thanks :)