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Urgent: How to Update the multiple Detail Object records from master Field??

Hi All,


I need to update the Multiple Detail Object Records based on the Master Record field update...


Master Object: RMG_Employee_Master__c

Master Field: Proposal_Status__c


Detail Object: Proposal__c

Detail Field: Status__c


Please Suggest..


trigger detailstatus1 on RMG_Employee_Master__c (after insert,after update)
 List<Proposal__c> ac = new List<Proposal__c>();
 Set<id> Ids = new Set<id>();
     for (RMG_Employee_Master__c o : Trigger.new) {
      Map<id, Proposal__c> owners = new Map<id, Proposal__c>([Select id,Status__c from Proposal__c Where Id in :Ids]); 

for (RMG_Employee_Master__c o : Trigger.new)
        if(o.Proposal_Status__c != 'Closed')
                 //Instantiate a new account and set it to the current opportunity parent. 
                 Proposal__c pc = owners.get(o.Id);
                 pc.Status__c = 'Closed';
     update ac;


Best Answer chosen by Admin (Salesforce Developers) 

HI, SMaster....


Use Below Trigger Code......


Hopes This Will Fulfill Your Requirement..............



trigger detailstatus1 on RMG_Employee_Master__c (after insert,after update) {
    List < Id > empmasterIds = new List < Id >();
    List < Id > proposalIds = new List < Id >();
    for(RMG_Employee_Master__c rem: Trigger.New) {
        if(rem.Proposal_Status__c != 'Closed'){
           List<Proposal__c> proObj = [select p.Id,p.Status__c,p.RMG_Employee_Code__c from Proposal__c p where p.RMG_Employee_Code__c =:rem.Id];
           if(proObj.size() > 0){
               for(Proposal__c pc: proObj ){
                   pc.Status__c = 'Closed';
                   update pc;