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Using Force.com Migration Tool to remove all customisations??

Hi Migration Tool experts!!


I've just begun using the Migration Tool and after a lot of initial frustrations, I'm really pleased with just how much time it's been saving me.


Now the big question:  how to undeploy things.  I've put a bunch of metadata into a developer's org that I've piped out of two different production orgs.  This was a great use of this tool.  I can go and create a different developer's org if I want, but I was wondering if it were easy enough to just clear out all the customisations I've put in.  It's easy to get rid of anything relating to custom objects in this way, I'm sure.  But  I'd like to get rid of all customisations of every stripe on the standard objects.


The documentation is a little bit scant on this, other than making mention to destructiveChanges.xml.


Any tips?






destructiveChanges.xml is identical to package.xml that is  used to uploading changes to org.


Not sure, if you will be able to remove all customizations,

but may be u can try using the metadata Api to dynamically generate a destructiveChanges.xml


thanks, Sham_1, that is what I was thinking.  Does anyone out there have any quick suggestions on how to achieve this?  Which ant calls would I be using?