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Populating Opportunity field from a custom object

Hi All,


I have a requirement where I need to create  a formula field on opportunity object which reefrs to other custom object.


Let me explain it in detail. I have a custom object called Booking quota which has booking amount for different users/Opportunity owners. It is like below one.Let say there are three opportunity user A, B, C.

My object Booking Quota has details like this:


Booking Quota

(Opportunity Owner)         Amount

A                                          $100000

B                                          $120000

C                                          $180000


Now I have these different opportunity owners on opportunity page. I want to create a formula on opportunity object field let say Booking Amount which populates $100000 if opportunity owner is A and $120000 in case of B.


Please tell me how this can be achieved.







You need:


1. A lookup field on Opportunity to Booking Quota

2. A cross-object formula field to reference the lookup relationship Booking_quota__r.amount


Your trick will be how to default the value of the lookup field to the ID field of the Booking_Quota__c objectId.  This is best done with an APEX trigger on Opportunity