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Integrate Salesforce with Google Analytics

Hi All


I am trying to track my Salesforce Site, by using Google Analytics.


My Site URL is : www.fdrclient.com

I added the tracking code to this page, and i am able to track it successfully.


Now the problem is, when a Client enters Username and Password in this Site, it redirects the user to my VisualForce Page

www.fdrclient.com ------> https://na5.salesforce.com/home/home.jsp


I want to track this VisualForce page(home.jsp) also.

I added <site:googleAnalyticsTracking/> to the end of VisualForce page, but still i am not seing anything in the Google Analytics.


Any idea, what should i do?






Actually, we not using Force.com Sites.

We just using the Customer Portal, so how can we integrate Google Analytic with it?