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How to pass Flow name dynamically like <Flow:Interview name="!{!DynamicName}">

Hi guys!


Is it possible to pass Flow name dynamically like <Flow:Interview name="!{!DynamicName}">




Can we use a variable associated to flow without initiating a object of that flow in the controller.


<apex:page controller="ModemTroubleShootingCusto" >
<flow:interview name="TipCalculator" interview="{!myflow}">

{!TipCalculator.BillValue} is not working... how can i access this variable on page witout creating  interview="{!myflow}"



Please provide some help here.





           As per documentation "name" attribute of flow:interview represents as a developer name of flow’s do not think so you can represent name as dynamic. One think you can pass variable using apex:param attribute bind with flow:interview.


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Thanks Dude!


I still have a query. How i can access a flow variable on vf page without creating a object of flow in controller.


BillValue is a variable defined in flow and i want to get the value of this variable displayed on page.

<flow:interview name="TipCalculator" />



Could you please suggest how i can access this TipCalculator.BillValue  on VF page.