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How to change the URL for prodcution

Hi ,


By mistake I wrote code for devbox which not going to work at the time of deployment


Please let me know how to change this code , so It can work out in QA and production




It appears that for each hardcoded ID you would actually have to find the record you want to use, store the ID and use that var in the url string


Thanks for the reply,


But I am sorry didnt get you.I dont have any problem with record type , problem is with the fields which I am passing


The field names you are working from in sandbox should be the same as the field names in production / full sandbox. If they are not, you will need to create the fields in the sandbox so the URL works there first.


This issue that I see you are going to have as well is that you hardcoded salesforce ID's in the URL. These will NOT be the same ID's that are in production / full sandbox. If you are working in a full sandbox then this will not be an issue....