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Linking Salesforce and Paypal through SOAP API



I am attempting to link my company's salesforce account to the paypall donation process, so that when someone donates to the organization, salesforce creates a new contact (if necessary) and donation to model the paypal transaction. I am gathering that this would best be done using Paypal's SOAP API, sending a page to salesforce and writing an Apex class to interpret it  and execute the account creation. I am not sure how exactly to send the data from paypal to salesforce however, nor am I clear on the details of the coding that would be required on either end to send and recieve the data.


I have not developed in Apex before, but I am an IT student who has taken several programming corses, and feel relatively proficient in Java. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



Nathan Gedamke

IT Coordinator

Orlando Day Nursery

Medieval  Tech GuyMedieval Tech Guy



It looks like rather then have paypal send the information via API automatically, what I would instead need to do is write an Apex page in salesforce with the account's API certificate to request the information from paypal. Any ideas on how to write this functionality?