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Trigger for monthly count of particular column.

Dear All,

I have Inquiry__c  table and Accident__c table. 

Inquiry__c   table Contains Date__c,Name__c,Account__c,Status__c(Picklist), __cStatus2(Picklist).

Now need to count Number of Accounts per month by when both picklist shows 'OK' .

The count values should be stored in Table2 Accident__c table. 
It Contains Date__c,ItemName__c,Account__c,MonthlyGeneratedcount__c

My Code saves with out any error but i haven't get any O/P. Please help me.

Here is my code:

public class Inquiry{
  @future   public  static void ValAdd(Set<Id> InquiryId) {  
             //integer countmonth,countyear;
string accountname;
List<Inquiry__c> Inquiry= [SELECT Account__c,Name__c,Date__c,Status__c from Inquiry__c where Id =:InquiryId];
Accident__c kpi = new Accident__c();
Inquiry__c FBR= Inquiry[0];
  Date startDate=FBR.Date__c.toStartOfMonth();
Date endDate=FBR.Date__c.toStartOfMonth().addMonths(1);
//Date startDatey=FBR.Date__c.toStartOfyear();
//Date endDatey=FBR.Date__c.toStartOfday();
            LIST<AggregateResult> countmonth=[SELECT count(Account__c)coun from Inquiry__c where Account__c=:FBR.Account__cand Date__c >= :startDate AND Date__c < :endDate and Status__c=:'OK' and Status2__c=:'OK'];
    List<Accident__c> acc= [SELECT Date__c,Account__c ,itemname__c,MonthlyGeneratedCount__c from Accident__c where Date__c >= :startDate and Date__c < :endDate and Account__c=:FBR.Account__c];     
 if(!acc.isEmpty() )
          Accident__c accupdate = acc[0];
  Decimal decimalcountmonth = 0 ; string strcount= '' +countmonth[0].get('coun') ; 
          update accupdate ;
          List<Accident__c> ToUpdate = new List<Accident__c>(); 
          kpi.Account__c = FBR.Account__c;   
          kpi.itemname__c= FBR.Name__c;     
          Decimal decimalcountmonths = 0 ; string strcount= '' +countmonth[0].get('coun') ; 
          insert ToUpdate;

Please let me know wats wrong in this..