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SOQL - Quering



I have three custom objects: Aspirante__c, Vacante__c and Asignados__c. The Asignados__c object has a master-detail relationship with Aspirante__c and also has a master-detail relatonship with Vacante__c. I want quering from the Asignados__c object the name of Aspirante__c and the name of Vacante__c. I have the next query:


List<txmrecruitment__Aspirante__c> arbolvacs = [Select
   (Select Name From txmrecruitment__Vacante__c.Vacantes_Aspirantes1__r)
   From txmrecruitment__Asignados__c];


I am receiving the error:

Error: Compile Error: Didn't understand relationship 'txmrecruitment__Vacante__c' in field path. If you are attempting to use a custom relationship, be sure to append the '__r' after the custom relationship name. Please reference your WSDL or the describe call for the appropriate names. at line 23 column 51


Thanks for any help!


That's definitely incorrect. Assuming I understand your statement correctly, your objects are:


Vacante__c <--- Asignados__c ---> Aspirante__c?


Assuming that is correct, you need the following query:


Asignados__c[] arasignados = [select vacante__c,aspirantes__c from asignados__c where vacante__c in :arvacante__c];

In a "many to many relationship" query, the child should be first, and the parents may be referenced from the child. use vacante__r.<fieldname> or aspirantes__r.<fieldname> to get the parent field values.


Thanks for reply.


I solved it with this query


List<txmrecruitment__Asignados__c> arbolvacs = [Select Vacante__r.Id_Vacante__c,Vacante__r.id,Vacante__r.Name,Aspirante__r.id,Aspirante__r.Name From Asignados__c];


I want to group by the name of Vacante with this query:

List<txmrecruitment__Asignados__c> arbolvacs = [Select Vacante__r.Id_Vacante__c,Vacante__r.id,Vacante__r.Name,Aspirante__r.id,Aspirante__r.Name From Asignados__c Group By Vacante__r.Name];


but I receive the next error:

Error: Compile Error: duplicate alias: Id at line 23 column 51


Do you know what is wrong?




Try aliasing your fields by specifying a replacement name after the field name in the query.


List<txmrecruitment__Asignados__c> arbolvacs = [Select


Vacante__r.id vacante_id, <-- aliased


Aspirante__r.id Aspirante_id,  <-aliased


From Asignados__c Group By Vacante__r.Name];


You might need to do the same to the name fields.


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