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want to get rid of trigger

Hey folks,


I have a college degree designation object in salesforce, with the choices like so:



Currently, we have a trigger that will update another field on the contact object that consists of a string representation of those degrees:

Each degree is concatenated to make the string:



Can this be done with a worlflow instead?


I want to change because the trigger is causing problems when I am deploying a rather big application.

Instead of tussling with the trigger and tweaking my test class to no end, I'd like an alternative,namely a workflow, if possibe?



Madhan Raja MMadhan Raja M

Hi Saint Michael,


We cannot update cross object using Workflow. Use Formula field to achieve the same.


Madhan Raja M




I am not certain that a Workflow will address this issue.


I need to query data from one object:

Select Abbreviation from Abbreviations where Contact__c =: 'xxxxx'

 And then, for each item retreived from the above query, I want to concatenate:

String resultString = '';

for each abbreviation{

resultString+=', '+abbreviation;



The, update the Account Object with resultString.


Do you know if something like this is possible?

I don't think so?

Madhan Raja MMadhan Raja M

As you said, this scenario cannot be achieved through a Workflow.


Madhan Raja M