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Date and DateTime confusion

Hi everyone,


I can retrieve any records with this query.  It is an issure with the Date format.  Is lastmodifieddate a date or datetime?  If i remove the LastModifiedDate >=:d AND LastModifiedDate <=:c filter the query works just fine.



Date d = system.Today().addDays(-3);
Date c = system.Today().addDays(-5);

//collect a list of records
List<Lead> setfollow = [SELECT Id, OwnerID, status FROM Lead WHERE LastModifiedDate >=:d AND LastModifiedDate <=:c AND Map_Record_Type__c = 'Contract/Direct Customer' AND IsConverted = FALSE AND status IN('Qualified', 'Prospecting')];


Im trying to get a list of leads that havent been modified in 4 days.


I already tried:

Date d = system.Today().addDays(-4) 

and bind it with the query but nothing shows up.


Any ideas?




LastModifiedDate is a DateTime (despite the moniker). Use a DateTime function instead, or use date literals:


LastModifiedDate >= LAST_N_DAYS:5 AND LastModifiedDate <= LAST_N_DAYS:3

See the Web Services Developer's Guide section on Date Literals for more details.


Tried using literals, couldn't get them to fit my needs..... i changed the query around and took out the "=" operator.  Workk for now.


I appreciate the help sfdcfox.