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getDescribe() method does not exist - Can't see reason

Could anyone suggest to me why the following code, in which the variable being assigned from is a Date/Time and the "assigned to" is a private String:


completionFieldName = Milestone1_Project__c.Procurement_Link__c.Date_Time_Submitted__c.getDescribe().getName();


yields no error but the following, where the left is, again a private String and the right is a Boolean, gives the "method does not exist getDescribe()" error?


completionFieldName = Milestone1_Project__c.Procurement_Link__c.First_Pass_Complete__c.getDescribe().getName();


Any help greatly appreciated.





Furthermore, I cna edit the class in the developer console, but none of the edit buttons appear in the browser.


Also, I can't delete the class, or any class it refers to (I receive a 500 when I try to do so).


Wit's end...


Please help! :(


*I can edit...