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Concat current months vs previous month in the Apex code..need help



I have a scheduler class which create child records and this apex class fires on 1st day of every months...

I want to concat the name of the child record to concat with previous month vs current months...


so basically it should appear like this: childName= test-JAN-FEB;


please help me on this as how i Can achieve this..

Bindhyachal Kumar SinghBindhyachal Kumar Singh

Hi Irish,


I think you want to set childName as test-PreviousMonthName-CurrentMonthName


you can use following code in your class for this requirment.


string cmonthname,pmonthname;



     cmonthname = JAN;

     pmonthname = DEC;


else if(MONTH(date.today())==2){     

     cmonthname = FEB;

     pmonthname = JAN;


else if(MONTH(date.today())==2){     

     cmonthname = FEB;

     pmonthname = JAN;


else if(MONTH(date.today())==3){     

     cmonthname = MAR;

     pmonthname = FEB;


else if(MONTH(date.today())==4){     

     cmonthname = APR;

     pmonthname = MAR;


else if(MONTH(date.today())==5){     

     cmonthname = MAY;

     pmonthname = APR;


else if(MONTH(date.today())==6){     

     cmonthname = JUN;

     pmonthname = MAY;


else if(MONTH(date.today())==7){     

     cmonthname = JUL;

     pmonthname = JUN;


else if(MONTH(date.today())==8){     

     cmonthname = AUG;

     pmonthname = JUL;


else if(MONTH(date.today())==9){     

     cmonthname = SEP;

     pmonthname = AUG;


else if(MONTH(date.today())==10){     

     cmonthname = OCT;

     pmonthname = SEP;


else if(MONTH(date.today())==11){     

     cmonthname = NOV;

     pmonthname = OCT;


else if(MONTH(date.today())==12){     

     cmonthname = DEC;

     pmonthname = NOV;



if(cmonthname!=null && pmonthname!=null){

        childname = 'test-'+pmonthname=cmonthname;



When your scheduled class run then it calculates the current date month and set child name as per your requirement.


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