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How to I get reports by specific folder using soql?

How can I make a query similar to following:

Report r = [SELECT id,name FROM Report WHERE foldername='myfolder' LIMIT 1];

Unfortunately, the report object doesn't contain field that is like 'foldername' 

Yoganand GadekarYoganand Gadekar

Try following,

You will get all the reports in your folder named  'MyFolder'


List<Report> ReportList;

Id myFolderId = [select id from folder where developername = 'MyFolder' limit 1].id;
if(myFolderId != null)
ReportList = [select id, name, description from report where ownerid = : myFolderid];
System.debug('**List of Reports in MyFolder**'+ReportList );


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David HalesDavid Hales
Hi mustafatop10 
 using this :
SELECT id, name FROM Report WHERE ownerId IN (
    SELECT ID FROM Folder WHERE developerName = 'FolderName'

The OwnerId is the ID field from the Folder object, which is the Report Folder the report lives in.
Note, the FolderName field is the label of the folder and not the unique name. So if you wanted to query for reports by their folder's unique developer name then filter by OwnerId

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