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Using Checkboxes instead of Links in Visualforce page.

On the existing VF Page, there are commanlinks used to select products.

IT looks like this:-


The   VF page called - Custom Product Selector allows users to add products to the   list using commandlink - Add Link.    <apex:commandlink value="Add"   action="{!ProcessSelected}" rerender="Selected"   style="color:blue">
                                <apex:param name="contIdParam" value="{!p.ID}"   assignTo="{!PBEIdChosen}"/>


We need CHECKBOXES instead of links, to be able to select several products   at once to the list. 



Sales User feels it is   a burden to have to enter each product  inidividually then wait for it to   add to the list.


Can we provide checkboxes selection instead of links in the Visual force page.?


This VF page is trying to mimic the search product page - the standard page to search and add products from the opportunity. The checkboxes on that page, is what we would like to see here in this VF page.



Is this possible?


You will probably need to use a wrapper class. You can check out how to work with a wrapper class here: