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Mit PatelMit Patel 

How to merge multiple attachment file into single attachment file.

Hi All,


I have more than 2 attachment file in Custom object in Notes and Attachment.


I want to send those multiple file as a single attachment to the email.


First of all i would like to know. how to merge multiple attachment in to singl file.





sushant sussushant sus
you can use this in apex page, contenttype="application/vnd.ms-excel"
Mit PatelMit Patel

Hi Sushant sus.


thanks for reply.


I have allready all files in attachment object. based on parentid i need to send those file in mail.

This is working fine .but when i send mail that time in mail attachment there is more then 2 files.

So i need to merg those file in a single file like pdf. doc.

then i need to send that only single file which is merge.

Here no need to create VF page.