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Automate the echosign functionality via apex or java code

This related to the Echosign plugin for salesforce, where you can specify an account/contact ( the Signer) and a  document to be signed and click to "Send for Signature" button and echosign sends an email to the signer and so on... 


Now we're trying to automate this part and write some java/apex code that fetches a document and a customer from salesforce, shows it on our company website and on click of a button on our website we would like to send the "agreement notification" email as sent by Echosign widget. 


Or in other word  we're looking to press the "Send for Signature" button progamatically. 


We're able to fetch the documents and customers from SalesForce, but not able to generate the "agreement notification" email containing a link to the doc. to be signed, which is sent by Echosign. 


Please give us an idea how to do this ?