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Need help, do not know if this is possible. I want to create code to open sound recorder on my computer using SFDC button. Please help.





Nice. But what I was hoping to do is, open windows sound recorder or a recording device from within Salesforce from a custom button. Any ideas? 

Is your intent to record audio from the user, or simply open the program? The former is supported in HTML5 (and most browsers appear to have limited support at this point), while the latter shouldn't be possible. I say "shouldn't" because opening a binary, even one already installed on the system, should be considered a security risk, and browsers should block such a move.

There are some other possible actions you might look into, such as using a signed Java Applet to gain system level permissions and therefore be able to execute the binary of your choice. Flash also allows access to recording devices. Both mechanisms depend on the user granting permission (as does HTML5's mechanism).

The web is purposefully sandboxed from the user to prevent abusive scripts from exploiting the user (because bad guys want your credit card info, bank info, etc).