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suziee Qsuziee Q 

Email Template folder and public group

Hi Everyone,


We have setup several folders for email templates and grand different public group to those folders.

Is there a way we can access those folder settings using Apex code??


Thank you a lot. 


Eli Flores, SFDC DevEli Flores, SFDC Dev

There is a folder object if that's what you mean. You can see it in the data loader if you Show all Salesfolder objects check mark. Depending on what specifically you are trying to accomplish that might do the trick.


I don't know of any way to access folder permissions or group permissions in Apex, but if you're asking because you want individual users to only see what they already have access to, then the "with sharing" keyword should work.





suziee Qsuziee Q
Hi DevArrah,

We can program with that Folder Object via Apex. But we want to know which public group has access to a particular folder using Apex.