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David GiffordDavid Gifford 

Looking for help on apex:commandbutton using apex:actionsupport method within button

With this apex:commandbutton button, when clicked, we want to move to the "Next Group" of records . action="{!next}"  .


Within this apex:commandbutton button, we want to use "apex:actionSupport" to save all modified account records in our Table before we move to the “Next Group”


From what I have picked up, we need to write in our controller the method for saving our Account Table


Can we get some help on writing this method and adding it to our controller?


Command Button Example:

<apex:commandbutton action="{!next}"  value="Next Group >"  rendered="{!hasNext}" >

<apex:actionSupport event="onclickedbutton" action="{!SaveAccountRecords}"  />  </apex:commandbutton>


Thank you very much for your help….