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Uday KUday K 

Wrong outgoing of Email Signature

Hello all,

We have two users user1 and user2, both are administrators. I have logged in as user1 and have email signature belongs to user1, one of the email which sent to contact using scheduler from the salesforce have the user2 email signature. Dont know why?
I have checked the email settings, email footer, Default Workflow user, Ran the scheduler code once again and i got the correct Email signature that is User1 Email signature.

Seeking for an immediate help......



scheduler code ?
Is this apex schedulable class ?

Well not sure if this helps... but schedulable classes runs in the context of user who actually scheduled the service.
Amal DominicAmal Dominic
Have you tried Ultra Signatures? This is a free tool, but has all the features that you find in a professional version. With Ultra Signatures you can quickly convert a PDF or Word document into gather electronic signatures, and share this document also. This has other features also, like Document Management, document merging, Workflow process, Custom Forms,  the nice thing is it has a free version with all these features but there is a limit on how many documents you can use in a month.