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Arun KArun K 

Co-owner field in Account

I have a field called Co-ownere in "Account" Object where I need to query from the field.


In the field I have 2 owner value seperated with ';'.

So I want to know What I need to do So that I can divide the values into 2 values.


How I can do it.


Is the approach that I am doing is right or any other way that is there to have 2 other owner in account object

Have a look at split method of the string.
You have split the value by ';'.

SOmething like

String s = 'Owner1;Owner2':
List<String> sArr = s.split(';', 0);

sArr[0] will contain Owner1
and sArr[1] will contain Owner2



If you want to do query on particular value of co owner, use like in SOQL query.



select id from Account where coowner like '%value%'