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Custom button to open Custom object by Page


I am kindoff confused with this.

Any help please.....!!!!!


I have a req where I need to create a custom button on standard object.Lets suppose it as account.

I have a custom object called Candidate__c which has account look up.

I have to create a custom button on Account..which when clicked,opens candidate__c edit page with account data pre populated.

I created a VF page but not able to access on account button creation.

I also set standardcontroller Please help..Any sample snippet...I need this ASAP!!!



Saikishore Reddy AengareddySaikishore Reddy Aengareddy

I dont think you will need visualforce page here to create a button for populating the edit page of the cadidate...


1. Create a button of type Detail page button, content source = URL, Behaviour=Display in existing window without sidebar or header.

2. Add something like..




a0G -> candidate object prefix, 

e -> edit mode

CF00NE0000004opCZ={!Account.Name}&CF00NE0000004opCZ_lkid={!Account.Id} -> to populate lookup field if you want to..


for more information follow this link..






Ya..I did this.But it is org specific .Thats the reason why we are changing it. and decided to use VF page..please help!!!!
Thanks for the link sir.But i didn't understand it.i Want the button on Account layout.Its like replacing related list with custom button.Please help me in understanding this.Thanks